What do 277 people know about St James Plantation that you might need to know?

Often overshadowed by home sales activity, lot sales in St James Plantation in coastal NC are the real show stoppers. In the past year, 244 lots sold averaging $118,069; buyers paid an average of 94% of the list price.

Here’s the big take away, in a head-to-head comparison from January 1-June 23, 2020 vs. January 1 -June 23, 2021, the lot sales activity and pricing has soared. Last year’s activity reported an average sold price of $86,434 compared to this year’s $125,414.

Today there are 30 homesites under contract, leaving only 53 lots available to purchase.

Hint: When evaluating list prices, factor in that buyers are paying an average of 95% of the list price. This trend is up 4% from last year.