What do 277 people know about St James Plantation that you might need to know?

Often overshadowed by home sales activity, lot sales in St James Plantation in coastal NC are the real show stoppers. In the past year, 244 lots sold averaging $118,069; buyers paid an average of 94% of the list price.

Here’s the big take away, in a head-to-head comparison from January 1-June 23, 2020 vs. January 1 -June 23, 2021, the lot sales activity and pricing has soared. Last year’s activity reported an average sold price of $86,434 compared to this year’s $125,414.

Today there are 30 homesites under contract, leaving only 53 lots available to purchase.

Hint: When evaluating list prices, factor in that buyers are paying an average of 95% of the list price. This trend is up 4% from last year.


If you are considering purchasing a home in St James, here are a few facts that will help you:

  1. Be prepared to make your decision confidently and quickly. Consider: today there are only 17 homes available to purchase
  2. Time will not be in your corner. Consider: buyers have already placed 59 homes under contract
  3. Prepare to pay at or close to the list price. Consider: that there have been an average of 6.5 homes sold per week [339/past year]. In the past month, buyers have paid an average of 99% of the list price. Over the past few years, 97% of the list price was the benchmark.

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Summer Time and the Living is Easy

For the majority of the country, Summer starts in Memorial Day weekend. If you love every part of summer like fishing, swimming, barbeques, concerts in the park , outdoor markets and so much more, you will love living in St James, Southport and Oak Island. Warm weather extends from early April to mid-late November.

Helpful Hint: With more daylight hours, explore new things to do and places to see. Visit the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce https://www.southport-oakisland.com/listing/things-to-do

Beaches of Oak Island are Minutes Away from St James

When the Swain’s Cut Bridge [aka the second bridge] opened, it significantly shortened our driving time to the beaches of Oak Island. Now most of the residents are at the beach within a 5-15 minute drive. There is no stop-and-go traffic and plenty of free parking.

There are 11 miles of sandy, 100% walkable beaches, and over 70 access points, all with free parking. The most popular beach destination for many residents is located on NE 72nd Street. Here you will find the oceanfront St James Beach Club; it has parking lots exclusively for St. James Plantation residents, an outdoor pool, bathrooms and shower facilities, and an elevated spacious covered deck with tables and chairs.

Typically, the waves are calm, the water is warm and ankle-deep water extends a fair distance making it perfect for young + old. Oak Island is one of the few dog-friendly beaches on the East Coast.

Helpful Hint: Despite the deceptive cooling breeze, the sun is very strong, and we see severe sunburns come on quickly. Recommend an umbrella, frequent applications of sunscreen, and keep hydrated.

Beach Boy Feeding Sea Gulls- Blog 05.25.2021

Fishing – Fresh Water

The community of St. James Plantation has 14 fresh-water ponds that are currently stocked with fish; it is catch-and-release only. You will enjoy catching large-mouth bass, bluegills, channel catfish, grass carp, and reader sunfish [sun crackers].

The experienced pond fisherman here recommends a wide variety of hard and soft artificial bait, as well as, live worms. Helpful Hints: an NC Fishing License is required [easy to obtain at any local bait + tackle shops]. A publication with locations of all stocked ponds can be obtained from the POA office they can be reached at this number [910-253-4805].

A large mouth bass caught in one of the fresh water ponds in St. James Plantation.

Insider Secret: Thriving Art Community

When Sid Godwin, a former college art professor, moved from Monmouth County NJ, he and his wife, Susan, a former art and child-life therapist, wanted a retirement that had a slower pace of life, great weather and was a short distance to the beach. The great surprise was the wealth of resources and number of active artists here. Sid’s art has been showcased and won numerous awards in most of the galleries here; Susan has rekindled her love of pottery participating in weekly workshops and producing stellar work. Both are thrilled to be part of such an active, dynamic art community.

One of the little known facts outside of our Southport-Oak Island-St James, NC area is that we have an active art community. The multiple galleries: Franklin Gallery, (www.FranklinSquareGallery.com); The Ricky Evans Gallery, (www.RickyEvansGallery.com) and the St James Artisan Gallery (www.StJamesArtisans.com) promote local artists’ work and there is plenty to see and appreciate. You can be a patron of local artists by purchasing any of their works shown at these galleries.

St. James Plantation Has A “Secret” Garden

North Carolina’s Growing Season

For many of our transplanted northerners, the growing season in coastal North Carolina is one of nature’s best gifts.  From novice to master gardener, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors while driving through the many neighborhoods of St. James Plantation. In addition to marveling at the unique, individual home gardens, you will see the common areas that have been beautifully landscaped and maintained. 

The Secret Garden

My favorite spot is tucked away in the Woodlands Park. Maintained by volunteers, it is a living example of native plants that will thrive in our temperate climate. Each plant is identified so that you can discover which flowering plants will work for you. Of course, there is the trial-and-error method too. When we moved here in 2003, I planted a massive garden…and the deer loved me for it.

A beautiful patch of weeds in the dirt.